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AIWA is one of the most famous technology brands, this Japanese firm has developed the latest technology in alarm clock radio, a device that has not yet been replaced by cell phone alarms. Discover the best features of AIWA alarm clocks!

Innovative and elegant design

The design is probably the most important aspect, always after the technical features that we will discuss below. The design of AIWA alarm clocks makes it combine with all types of decoration, especially thanks to its neutral colors such as black or gray. In this brand we can also find models in red or blue colors.

Latest connectivity options

Connectivity is an aspect that makes everyday life easier. AIWA’s models retain the traditional audio IN, AUX and a micro SD ports, to which we must add the latest Bluetooth technology.

Advanced scheduling functions

AIWA alarm clocks feature an important technology to save battery and electricity: the timer programming through the “snooze” mode. These models will also allow you to rest without interruptions thanks to the “sleep timer” option, which does not emit sounds or activate the display while it is programmed.

The “dimmer” function is also related to rest, since it regulates the intensity of the screen light to promote sleep. 

Hand-free option

The hands-free option could not be missing in these state-of-the-art radio alarm clocks. It allows you to take and hang up calls just by pressing a button, you can program the radio and the alarm.

Innovative reverse charging from the alarm clock

This option may be unknown to many users, it consists of an external reverse charging that acts as a point of light that allows you to charge the battery of any device as if it were connected to a plug. This allows you to concentrate all your activities in one spot, something essential if you are a lover of order or do not have too many plugs in the room.

High-quality display

AIWA’s displays feature state-of-the-art technology, which makes them large and easy to read – essential if you intend to use this device on your bedside table. The clock radio display avoids uncomfortable glare and regulates the light level according to the user’s settings.

The ease of use of AIWA alarm clock radios is another of its biggest attractions, the quality and the new generation features have made it one of the leading companies in this field.

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