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All the benefits of sport and music with AIWA headphones

AIWA headphones are the perfect solution for those who want to practice sport or move around, while listening their favourite music.

Here are the AIWA headphones main features:

Advanced sonic technology

All AIWA headphones, even the most basic ones, are equipped with advanced electronic filters and controls, in order to prevent distortion and optimise the fidelity of music reproduction.

High quality materials, strength and durability. Built to stand the test of  time

AIWA spares no expense: we always use the best materials, which results in the durability and robustness of the headphones. The best match to activities that involve movement, such as sport or certain jobs.

The most affordable prices

The thrifty user has no need to risk buying headphones from unknown brands or private label.

AIWA customers may be sure they are getting affordable electronic products, with the best sound performance.

Models to suit all kind of customers

Are you a sophisticated music lover and require headphones for reproducing all sound tones at a high volume and without any sound distortion? Do you love high-performance headphones, but also want them to be appealing?

Whatever your preferences and needs, AIWA has the best headphones for you:

Basic wireless headphones

  • Aiwa ESTBT-400BK: Wireless in-ear headphones with remote control and microphone.
  • Aiwa ESTBT-700BK: an advanced evolution of the previous model.

Neckband wireless headphones

  • Aiwa ESTBTN-880: all-rounder and high-performance neckband headphones.
  • Aiwa ESTBT-450BK: these black neckband headphones combine performance and design.
  • Aiwa ESTBT-450WT: white headphones, technically identical to the previous model.

High-performance wireless headphones

  • Aiwa EBTW-850: High-sensitivity headphones. An amazing metallic design (Reddot Design Award winner).
  • Aiwa ESP-350BK: Black wireless headphones, with Hyperbass system for perfect bass boost.
  • Aiwa ESP-350WT: the same model as above, but finished in white colour.

Wireless headphones for youths (and also for adults)

Young people pay a lot of attention to matching their clothing, accessories and aesthetic appearance. This range of wireless headphones is aimed at them. They stand out for their excellent price/performance ratio and are available in three colours:

  • Aiwa EBWT-150BK
  • Aiwa EBTW-150WT
  • Aiwa EBTW-150PK

Technically, all they are the same. The first model is the most serious, with a black finish. The second one is white, a less formal and more cheerful shade. And the third headset is pink, for those who want to add a touch of edge to their outfit.

AIWA headphones: the perfect solution for those who play sport or are on the move

Still not sure which AIWA headset to choose? Check out the technical specifications of the models above, compare them and get the one that best suits your particular needs or aesthetical preferences. In AIWA you will find the perfect solution for listening to best music while you practice your favourite sport.

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