ANC Headphones

AIWA’s Hi-Fi headband headphones feature the sophisticated ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) electronic control.The system ANC processes the ambient noises and then, the headset emits inverse sound waves.  So the effect of ambient sounds is completely cancelled out and the user can listen to their favourite music without external noise interferences.





What are Hi-Fi headphones?

This devices offer an exceptional quality of sound reproduction, comparable to best loudspeakers. In other words, those headsets offer us the next features:

  • Highest fidelity amplification of electronic signals.
  • The widest range of bass, midrange and treble tones
  • None or minimal distortion, even at very high playback volumes
  • No electronic noise during music playback

Which are the best Hi-Fi headphones?

The best Hi-Fi headphones match each and every one of the above conditions.

Other features are the adaptability to the main operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows), the range of the wireless communication system, the input and output conections, the weight of the device and the battery capacity.

If the headset is a closed one, it must be very comfortable and offer high acoustic isolation from external ambient noise.

In this respect, AIWA Hi-Fi headphones also incorporate the ANC ambient noise cancellation system.

Which is the best headphones brand?

We are not so conceited as to claim that AIWA is the best brand of headphones for listening to music. But we do dare to say that our brand is in the group of the best ones. In addition, the price-performance ratio of AIWA Hi-Fi headphones is hard to beat.

Do you think we’re not being too modest? Try any model of AIWA Hi-Fi headphones and find out the price: in only a minute, you will notice the difference.