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How does a vinyl record player work?

There was no party in the 1960s without a vinyl record player, to liven up the atmosphere with the latest music. However, by the end of the 1980s, they started to be displaced by the modern Compact Disc players.

But vinyl records never lost the favor of music lovers. In fact, vinyl record players are still preferred by many artists, music professionals and collectors. In addition, there are singers and musical bands that are currently recording their new works on this format.

So it is not surprising that the new generations begin to be interested in these endearing devices, capable of reproducing any sound with maximum fidelity and purity.

The direct consequence is that turntables are back on the market. For instance, the japanese brand AIWA has a wide range of turntables, all of them capable of satisfying the growing customer demands.

Do you know how a turntable works?

Let’s know the functional characteristics of turntables to understand how these devices work: Their main peculiarity is that they are capable of converting a mechanical vibratory signal, practically inaudible, into an acoustic signal of great volume and purity. Let’s see how this suggestive and almost magic phenomenon occurs.

Parts of a turntable

The basic components of a turntable are the platter, the arm, the stylus, the capsule, the amplifier and the speakers:

The platter is moved by an electric motor, rotating with the vinyl record placed on it. And in the arm are the parts that allow the miracle of acoustic conversion: the capsule and the stylus.

How is the sound produced?

As the vinyl record rotates, the stylus slides over the tiny grooves of the vinyl record. These grooves contain the sound information. The contact between the small needle and the grooves produces minimum sonic vibrations, which vary according to the depth and width of the groove.

The capsule is the real heart of this musical device. It is an electronic component capable of transforming the sonic vibrations into electric signals. These signals pass through an amplifier and are reproduced with great fidelity by the speakers.

How to use a turntable properly

A curiosity is that the turntable has to rotate at different speeds, depending on the type of vinyl record: LPs (Long Play) turn at 33 rpm and Singles at 45 rpm. Additionally, there are turntables whose platter can also spin at 78 rpm. This speed was used in the first gramophones and it is useful for playing very old vinyl records.

The new generation of vinyl players includes all kinds of controls to improve the sound quality. In addition, they have output devices for converting our vinyl albums into other formats, such as CD or MP3.

Two final interesting facts: according to the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), 2021 was the year in which the most vinyl records were sold, since 1981. And many singers and bands are selling again their greatest hits on vinyl. Some of them, like Justin Bieber or Dua Lipa, even have released new albums in this format.

So, if you like the idea of signing up for the magic of the pure sound, don’t forget to take a look at the AIWA turntable range.

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