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How many watts are needed in a good sound system?

The power of a sound system is one of the most important characteristics for music lovers. Although it is obvious that the needs of each user are different, the available space is a very relevant factor. Obviously, we will not choose the same sound system model for our living room as for a huge music bar.

In addition to power, sound quality is also an important factor. In this respect, the AIWA brand is a leading company in the world of sound, with a wide range of high-performance sound systems.

AIWA sound devices stand out for their functionality and their ability to convert, amplify and faithfully reproduce all the audio signals they receive.

The relevance of power in the audio systems

Even if you have the best audio equipment, if you don’t connect it to the right loudspeakers, you will not be able to enjoy a high-quality sound.

The power of both the amplifier and the speakers are two decisive factors. This is a well-known fact for those who work in recording studios, in music bars or set up concert stages.

Aesthetics, technology and functionality are some of the features we have to examine in a good loudspeaker. But the most important thing is to analyze in detail the technical specifications of the devices. In other words, in order to choose the best sound system and the best loudspeakers, we need to know how to understand the technical data provided by the manufacturer.

Let’s see what data we have to look at, to know the real power of a music system. In this regard, it is convenient to look at the maximum output power (RMS) that a loudspeaker can support before the sound is distorted. This factor is linked to sensitivity, which measures the sound pressure of a loudspeaker at a given power.

Power is measured in Watts (W) and in addition to rated power (RMS), peak power data can be found. Peak power only it allows us to know the value of the maximum power delivered during a very short period of time (only 10 milliseconds). Therefore, it is not a too relevant factor.

In other words, the most relevant value is the rated power (RMS), expressed in watts (W). RMS Watts are the most accurate indicator, because it tells us the maximum continuous power that a loudspeaker can withstand, before some kind sound distortion occurs.

For example, AIWA stereo speakers with a total power of 50 W RMS (2 loudspeaker with 25 W RMS each one) are the ideal choice for listening high fidelity music in your home living room or bedroom.

But if you want to play music for business or commercial purposes, this power will be too low.  In fact, for environments with 50 to 100 listeners, it is recommended to choose speakers with at least 400 W RMS power. And for music events with between 400 and 1,000 listeners, we will have to use 16,000 W RMS music systems.

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