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AIWA is one of the leading companies in the world of sound, the speakers can not be of better quality. That quality also translates to portable karaoke, if you are looking for one, AIWA offers a lot of interesting features.

Lightweight and easy to handle

The weight of a portable karaoke is an essential aspect, and AIWA has not neglected it. Most of the brand’s models integrate a gauze that allows you to move the karaoke easily, others are so light that they don’t need it.

Bass and treble control

AIWA speakers and are characterized by good bass and treble control and a good balance of bass and treble, something that is quite difficult to find. These portable karaokes have another interesting feature: users can adjust the bass and treble balance to their liking.

Battery life

Portable karaokes are intended to be used in different environments, not always connected to electricity, so it is very important that they have an internal battery. AIWA integrates a rechargeable battery in its portable karaokes, this battery is long lasting and ensures hours of partying without uncomfortable interruptions.

The rechargeable battery of the AIWA speakers has an autonomy of 8 hours, something that meets all expectations. The charging time has to be short and ensure hours of music, AIWA has achieved this.

Microphone and instrument input

The microphone input is a must for any karaoke, but the Japanese brand has innovated by also integrating an input for instruments such as guitar or piano, something that multiplies the party options.

High-quality reading screen

AIWA’s portable karaokes integrate a readout screen that allows to control the various sound options (song order control, connected devices, available audio inputs, etc.). This LED screen is particularly intuitive, it is placed next to the buttons and its size makes it more comfortable than that of other brands’ portable karaokes.

Automatic music volume with microphone

The portable karaokes of this brand have an automatic control of the music volume while the microphone is connected in active mode, so that the music and voice are at the same volume.

Connectivity with other devices

AIWA portable karaokes can be connected to other speakers via an audio output so that the party doesn’t end. These speakers can be connected with computers, tablets and mobiles with iOS, Android or Windows system, it also has DVD, CD, USB and micro SD input.

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