September 07, 2021
Public Statement – Aiwa Corporation (Chicago, USA) files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Aiwa Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) 7th September 2021 – There has been an alarming number of inaccurate articles & messages distributed globally announcing the bankruptcy of the “Aiwa Brand” which is misleading and damaging to our organization’s reputation on a world-wide scale.

First and foremost, we would like to state that Aiwa Corporation (Chicago, USA) are in not in any way related to us, Aiwa Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) or Aiwa Japan since 1951 to date.

Aiwa Corporation (Chicago, USA) , a stand-alone organization was only formed in the United States, Year 2011, during which they registered the Aiwa Trademark themselves through no transaction with Sony or any of its subsidiaries. Aiwa Corp has clarified clearly that they have no association with Sony Corporation or any of its subsidiaries, the previous trademark holders. Link:

We are the owners of the Aiwa Brand for various product classes & Global logo copyrights of the Aiwa Brand Logo and we reserve our rights against any violation regarding the misuse of the Aiwa Logo Copyrights.

We currently export a vast majority of specified class products globally till this date and will continue doing so in the years and decades to come.

By using images utilizing Aiwa Japan’s heritage (Vintage Aiwa Radios , Cassette players) and simply stating “Aiwa Brand is up for auction” / “Aiwa Brand has filed for bankruptcy” / is a blanket statement which is nebulous and conveys the wrong message. We are distressed by this conduct as it is extremely misleading for our world-wide distributors and customers.

It is only rightful for all media publications/ banks / media outlets to amend their reports & messages based on facts and not inaccurate hearsay.

We are hoping to clear up this misconception through this public statement.


Kure Shouichi,
Global Business Director of Aiwa Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) / Founding & Legal HQ