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AIWA is one of the most important companies of the moment in the world of sound, the headphones with True Wireless Stereo technology are an example of this. Discover the best features of AIWA TWS headphones!

True Wireless Stereo Technology

True Wireless Stereo technology is used in many wireless headphones, it can be said that it has now been improved to a point where the quality is no longer in doubt compared to wired headphones. This technology has ensured that the two audio channels (left and right) are heard simultaneously, so there is no delay in listening.

Headphones more ergonomic and lighter than ever before

Weight and ergonomics are two essential aspects, especially for those who use the headphones on the road, for sports or for work. AIWA’s TWS headphones are in-ear and have a memory foam cushion that makes them fit easily in the ear.

Fast-charging case and long battery life

Battery is one of the biggest problems with wireless headphones, AIWA has solved it with the latest technology. The TWS headphones of the Japanese brand integrate a quick-charge case of only 1.5 hours capable of giving 4 full battery charges. The total autonomy of AIWA headphones is usually around 6-12 hours.

Touch button control

AIWA’s TWS headphones integrate intuitive buttons on the top that allow you to control listening with simple gestures such as a single touch. Some of the functions that can be controlled in this way include turning the sound down and up, pausing and starting music, taking and hanging up calls and moving to the next song.

Integrated microphone

AIWA’s headphones have a built-in microphone by default, this option was already very common in other wired headsets, which was used by means of a button. AIWA made this easier than ever just by starting a call, videocall or audio.

The integrated microphone is essential for calls, videocalls or to send a simple Whatsapp audio. The hands-free function is important for this too.

State-of-the-art Bluetooth connectivity

The True Wireless Stereo headphones from this Japanese brand feature the latest Bluetooth connectivity that easily connects to mobiles, tablets and computers. This system is compatible for iOS, Android and Windows.

Bass and echo control

AIWA’s TWS headphones have a “hyperbass” function that allows for deeper and much better quality bass sounds, treble and bass are also regulated creating a balance. This also reduces the echo that can occur in some headphones.

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