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What are the best headband headphones?

AIWA headband headphones are the ideal alternative for those who wish play music while playing sports or working.The design of these headphones combines the highest playback fidelity with a comfortable and reliable grip on the device.

What are headband headphones?

Both earphones are attached to a rigid headband. At each end of the headband, either an earphone or a short cable is linked. In this way, the users can play sports and move around freely while enjoying their favourite songs, without worrying about adjusting the headphones to the ear or getting the cables tangled.

Types of headband headphones

Depending on their construction, there are two main types of headband headphones on the market:

Closed headband headphones

They envelop the ear, producing a total sound isolation effect. The user hears only the sound coming from the music player.

This kind of headband headphones is a perfect choice for the most demanding music lovers. But a minor drawback is that some people do not find them too comfortable.

Neck headphones

These are traditional headphones whose cables are attached to a headband that fits around the neck, combining the maximum wearing comfort with a top-quality music reproduction.

The best headset for sports

The AIWA ESTBTN-880 headband headphones are specifically designed for athletes. This high-quality closed headset completely isolates the user from any outside noise, allowing him or her to enjoy maximum music fidelity.

Its surround sound is unsurpassed, thanks to its sophisticated electronic ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) system.  The ANC system provides a perfect balance between bass, mid and treble tones.

This model of headphones is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows. It has a hands-free system, Bluetooth 4.0 and a rechargeable battery with autonomy for 26 hours. Its unbeatable price includes a carrying bag, audio cable and USB cable.

The best headset for multitasking environments

Do your daily tasks require you to be constantly on the move? Then the AIWA HSTBTN-800B headset is the better choice for you.

The neckband fits kindly around your neck and the sonic quality of the headphones is exceptional, as they also feature ANC (Active Noise Cancelling), with an amazing reproduction of the lowest musical tones.

This model of neck headphones are designed for those who do not feel themselves comfortable using closed headphones, allowing the use of the headphones without the cables getting tangled.

The headphones AIWA HSTBTN-800B are particularly lightweight, feature Bluetooth 5.0 and IP4 protection to ensure maximum weather resistance. They are ideal for outdoor use.

The pack includes carrying bag, silicone ear cushions in three sizes, two pairs of Memory Foam ear cushions and USB cable. Get them at a very competitive price and enjoy the best sound while you are moving.

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