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What is a discman and how does it work?

Choosing the best portable CD player is not always easy, so the market range is really wide. In fact, if we don’t know exactly our needs, we can make the wrong decision. So let’s take a look at the AIWA CD players, a high-tech brand that stands out for the high performance of its discman devices.

The Discman, a product that never goes out of style

The world’s first Discman was introduced in 1984 and its success led all brands to start marketing their own line of CD players. Today, this portable audio device is a must-have for those who like listening music while walking, playing sports or travelling.

Over the years, the discman and the stereo headphones have become irreplaceable products in the lives of millions of people. However, the features of today’s CD players have only a few technical similarities with the original ones.

And what can we expect from a modern portable CD player? Here we have some of the most important factors to consider before buying a discman: the design, the characteristics of the LED screen, its weight and size, the possibility of playing MP3 formats and whether it has a USB socket.

Without any doubt, music is a substantial part of our lives and that is why we must make sure that we are really going to acquire a high quality multifunctional player. And one of the most important factors is the price-performance ratio, and that is precisely one of AIWA’s great strengths.

Weight and size

Obviously, it is highly recommended that the device weighs no more than 500 grams (about one pound), as we will be carrying it everywhere we go. In addition, it should be easy to put in our pocket. A great choice is the CD player AIWA PCD-810 BK, a device that weighs only 193 grams (less than seven ounces).

Sound quality

Another key feature to pay attention is the device’s ability to reproduce high quality stereo sound. This is a must, along with an equalization system that allows us to adjust the bass and treble of the different music selections.

Special attention should be paid to the headphones, an essential complement for any audio player.


Today’s technologies allow us to listen our favorite songs in formats other than CDs, such as MP3. There are also models that can play music playlists from remote devices, such as tablets, PCs and smartphones.

The price

In specialized shops and on the internet we will find hundreds of offers, suitable for all audiences, styles and budgets. We will consider all the options that fit our budget.

Bear in mind that the lowest priced discmans will not be able to match the sound quality of the most exclusive models. Despite this, it is possible to find CD and MP3 players with very acceptable sound quality at prices of around 30 euros.

If you go up to 100 euros, then you will find very small devices, capable of satisfying the requirements of the most demanding music lovers.

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