The Turntable of AIWA with Hi-Fi

The record player is a part of the history of music. As we can see in the new releases, this device has also been able to adapt to technology. AIWA’s record player include novelties and manufacturated elements.










The AIWA brand is a market leader in sound and has a wide variety of turntables with a very elegant design and exceptional performance. Some of these modern vinyl players have an exceptional retro design like the GBTUR-120WD.


A large majority of the models of this Japanese firm have three speeds (33, 45, 78 RPM), encoding system, Bluetooth 5.0 + EDR, USB with 32 GB storage, a SD card slot and RCA output jack.


Among its main features are the high-quality moving magnet stylus with aluminum cartridge head, the touch control panel with white LED backlight, as well as the soft silicone rubber mat for the heaviest work. If there is one thing these models excel at, it is their needles. The bar is set very high, and for this reason… more and more users are choosing offerings like the APX-680BT and APX-680BT/WT. The quality of the brand can be appreciated at a glance and with each listen.


A large number of experts agree that the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon SB Esprit is the best model offered by this brand. AIWA has other reasons to be choosen over other similar brands: if we take into its value, it has nothing to envy to the premium models.