Portable CD Player

The portable CD player from AIWA has arrived on the market to revolutionize the way we listen to music. These devices can offer the best sound quality inside the digital music industry.





AIWA is one of the most important brands in the world of sound, so it is easy to understand how all its models offer excellent performance. The portable player is characterized for being a device with an ergonomic, intuitive and elegant design that can play CDs of all kinds.


Its main features include the ability to play CD and CD-R discs with 20 programmable memories. Its models also include stereo headphones with an output jack and an electronic shock protection. These players are very light compared to the old portable CD players, weighing no more than 193 grams. In addition, they come with a zippered case, a charging cable and a Micro-USB power supply. Another major advantage of these devices is the key lock function for added protection, safety is in the palm of your hand.


Both the PCD-810RD Walk and PCD-810BK Walk feature a modern and very elegant design and aesthetics that together with the multifunction option also have the ability to play MP3, without overlooking the advantages of Bluetooth technology.


All those who are looking for convenience are in luck because this portable model allows you to enjoy music while waiting for the bus, traveling by car, or even while playing sports. Aiwa’s portable CD player can be an option beyond the mobile if you want to listen to music outside.